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Please welcome the TitlePack Team:

 ZiZa aka the TitlePack Master Chief
TitlePack management | Programming | GBX Hacking | Server management

HawkGer aka the Creative Machine
TitlePack management | 3D Objects | 2D Art | Modding

Maxi@031 aka 3dsmaxi
3D Objects | Convert Assistant | 3dsmax scripts

Texture Variations

Texture Variations

Video Producer

Interested in joining the TitlePack team? Send a mail with your proposal to:

RPG Etiquette

You might have noticed that this title pack is for free. 
We do not charge any Planets and neither do we want any donations of Planets. 
What we really value though are contributions to the RPG Experience. 
Here are just a few of the things you can do to help improve the RPG Community:

Creating RPG tracks
Making Mods
Hosting Servers
Organizing Competitons
Creating Custom Objects
Making Videos
Sharing ideas and thoughts
Breaking new Records
Helping lost adventurers on Servers
Keeping Servers alive with your wit and humor
Generally being nice and friendly
Spreading the word


If you feel like this Title Pack provides some value for you, 
we kindly ask you to give something back to the community.

TitlePack Media

Logo 250x250

LogoBig transparent

Banners 888x220

Wallpapers 1920x1080

Ingame Ad 2000x1000


If you have questions / ideas / suggestions concerning the TitlePack, please send them to:


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