The 2nd ESL Titlepack Cup: 31.01.2014


Last month the ESL team reintroduced Trackmania RPG on ESL with a Nightcup.
It was very successful and thus decided to host another one on January the 31th (Friday)!
This time we will play the new map by Basbaas: [RPG] Wounder !

The mode will be the same as last time; we start with 30 minutes Time Attack for all players, after that the best 50% can play the second round which is again Time Attack for 20 minutes. The best 8 players will drive against each other in a knockout until we have the winner!

This cup in short:
Date: Friday 31th January
Time: 20:00 CET
Sign-up till: 19:59 CET
3 Rounds: everyone (1) - best 50% (2) - Knockout 8-1 (3)
Mode: Time Attack 30 minutes, Time Attack 20 Minutes, Rounds Mode Knockout

More information

We hope to have as many participants as last time, so please sign up! :)
Written by: ESL TrackMania 2 Admin Team


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