Introduction to the TrackManiaRPG TitlePack

The TitlePack can be downloaded from the Manialink TrackmaniaRPG

The TrackManiaRPG Experience

TrackManiaRPG is the unusual combination of RPG and Racing game, mixing the best of both worlds.
The following elements found in RPG games can also be found in RPG tracks:

  • Open worlds
  • Immersive atmospheres
  • Endless possibilities
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • Community and friendships

The Masterpieces of this Genre will let you forget you are driving a racing-game and will give you the impression you have been sucked into a completely different world.
Each new track has the potential to provide the racer with a completely new experience because the amount of customization and possibilities is just endless.
The 3000 custom objects included in the title pack and the possibility to completely customize the texture of these objects give rise to this huge level of diversity.

So what is it like to drive an RPG track?

Inside the RPG-genre there are lot of different trackstyles which each throw a different challenge at you.
Some tracks will seem very hard at first, meaning you have to learn certain tricks in order to finish.
Pathfinding-tracks are probably the most challenging out there. The authors do almost everything to keep you from finishing, hiding entrances and pathways. This category is very fun drive in a small group where you can help eachother out.
On some tracks the path and the tricks are easy, but you might still just drive along slowly just to enjoy the beauty of the scenerey offered by the track.

How do you drive RPG?

Slow! That is the most important hint we can give you. If you played other Trackmania-styles before you probably tend to drive way too fast and therefor fail alot of tricks. RPG isnt always about speed, it's about the perfect control over your car, analyzing situations, predicting outcomes and react quickly when something goes wrong. Just keep control, even when your car turns upside down ;)

Where should I play RPG?

Whenever possible you should play online. RPG is nothing without the great community behind it. You get stuck on a checkpoint for a long time? No problem, ask if someone can help you on the server! A track seems to be too hard for you? Team up with somebody, making the ride easier and much more entertaining.

'But I wanna see some action...'

After reading all that text (I'm sure you all have ;-) ) I guess you've deserved a bit of eye candy, with this TitlePack trailer made by shortz:

The TrackManiaRPG TitlePack Trailer


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