The 1st RPG TitlePack Trackbuilding Contest


We are glad to announce the first RPG Titlepack trackbuilding contest!
Currently there is a prizepool of 350.000 planets!

The idea:

Since the titlepack is still very young, the most important thing is to motivate builders so we can fill up the servers with great tracks!

The tracks:

This is not about building tracks - it's about building adventures! We at the RPG Titlepack team always wanted to create something you can dive into, something exciting, something new! So we expect exactly these tracks for the contest.

We have no rules on difficulty, but please keep in mind that the Titlepack attracted many new players who are still learning the art of RPG, so dont build anything too trialish.

The length of the track is easy to tell: It has to be long enough to tell a story! If this needs 5 minutes or 30 minutes mostly depends of what you have in mind.

 The Judging:

The team will judge all accepted tracks with the following criteria

  • Scenery/Theme/Atmosphere 40%
    Building a path from A to B is rather easy, making it feel like you went somewhere is much much harder. So go and spend lots of time on the surroundings of your track!
  • Route 30%
    Noone wants to drive along a boring road, so go and use the massive amount of blocks and build something spectecular. Add some pathfinding, the RPG-community likes to get challenged!
  • Building style 20%
    The possibilities are almost endless with the custom blocks you can use - that's why it's more important than ever to place them in a clever way. Avoid flickerings, bugs and unsafe spots, you have 3000 objects to avoid these situations.
  • MT/Music/Pictures 10%
    A small intro, a custom camera, or just some soundeffects as you drive along the way. You can add alot of value to your track just by adding these tiny details. 

The prizes: 

There is a total of 200.000 planets to win!
The Titlepack team will test all the submitted tracks and sum up the score. Every track can then compete in the following two contests:

  • The Quality Contest:
    All tracks will be put in one of the following categories:
    • Masterpiece - Gold tag
    • Good track - Silver tag
    • Average track - Bronze tag
    • Poor track 
Note that the tracks won't compete with eachother in this category, this is only about their absolute score - so it could be that there are 10 Masterpiece tracks, but it could aswell be zero.

  • The Ranking Contest:
    In here the tracks get compared to eachother, where the 10 best tracks can win even more! Since we can't yet know how much we will give away in tags we can only tell you the percentages of the remaining prizepool: 
    • 1st - 25% 
    • 2nd - 20% 
    • 3rd - 15% 
    • 4th - 10% 
    • 5th to 10th - 5% 

 The Rules: 

As said earlier we are searching for proper RPG tracks here, a 1-minute collection of random blocks won't be judged. Since this is not connected to a racing competition, public testing is allowed and welcome. Mapping in team is also fine, the prize will just be divided then.The tracks must not be uploaded to MX as public until the final judging is done. Multiple tracks by a single author are also accepted.

 The Deadline: 

The tracks should be sent to the titlepack-team by 06.02.2014 latest!
 Send them to
The team will start judging the tracks after the 6th February. The scores and the winners get revealed at the end of the judging phase. Ofcourse the best track will get played online right after it.

 Are you ready for building? 

Please let us know if you want to participate in the contest so we can organize everything: just reply with your nickname/login in this forum thread:
If you need a server for public testing go and talk to Hawk or ZiZa.

 Have some more planets? 

You can of course donate some Planets for the competition to the account tmrpg or on the servers "ZiZa's Pub" and "RPG Unlimited", so the prizes will be even bigger


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